Flaunt Premier | Amindi “Eggs Aisle”

by Larry Armstrong-Kizzee

Amindi is the Los Angeles based singer and songwriter who’s personal lyrics and echoing melodies have extended her domestic fanbase abroad. Following the global success of her dancehall hit Pine & Ginger and after what the artists describes as a “year long hiatus” of redefining her sound, she brings us a music video for the self-reflective track Eggs Aisle. We caught up with the artist in her home town to discuss everything from Astrology to the track at hand, and even what we might expect from the artist in the following months and years.

I figured we could start with when you wrote Eggs Aisle, What was young Amindi up to at the time that inspired the song?

For sure! I wrote the song in 2017 and it started with a note that I wrote for myself and it was like “Make a couplet for Eggs Aisle and exile.” I just had that in the back of my head that I wanted to flesh it out; which is something I do often. If I think of something cool ill write it down and later on when I'm in the studio or when I'm feeling it ill flesh it out some more and put an actual melody to it. So with that one my friend Valleyz who's in a producer group with a couple of other really cool guys, they all made the Eggs Aisle instrumental and sent it over with the Pine & Ginger instrumental, and when I heard the eggs aisle one I was like “oh, I can flesh out that couplet I wrote a couple days ago”. And I wrote it that way. I mean, I came pretty hard on that one like, lyrically I was really proud of it. 

You did! One of my favorite lyrics is your shout out to astrology, “You a libra got scales like a reptile. Keep the balance, and balance for ten miles.” Could you break that lyric down for me? 

Well, Im a Libra so like in that song I'm speaking mostly in second person, speaking on myself. The symbol for Libra is the scale and so its a double entendre for the scales on reptiles and the weight scale. 16 year old me just knew, she was on it [Laughs] Looking back Im like yeah thats good, good job Amindi. And then I'm a huge astrology hoe like I have Co Star, The Pattern, I got everything.

Photos by Glenn Espinosa & Alondra Buccio

Photos by Glenn Espinosa & Alondra Buccio

And to go back to your mention of Valleyz, this is the first music video since your collaboration on Pine and Ginger, right?

Yeah first one!

What made you decide on Eggs Aisle?

I think in respect to my trajectory and where I'm at, its my most recent release. And its also a song that I held really close to my heart and I knew I wanted to make sure I did right. It had its soft premier on Soundcloud and in a mini documentary I did with The Fader and so, it still felt like a baby to me. I eventually found the people who were down to do the video with me and we did it!

In the video and for the song you’re the singer, song writer, and got some director credit too! Are we going to be directing more in the future?

Actually I was talking to my manager about this yesterday because I have a song coming out with Kari Faux, and so I've been asking about the process because I love videos and movies; in my past life I must have been a director. I mean, I know nothing about placements and things but I enjoy it. Lately I've been really into dipping my toes into other pools; I wrote a couple songs so far this year and I already have the little treatments for these videos in my notes. I at least want to have a heavy input  whenever I do these videos. I just have an idea of how I want it to be seen and I want to make sure people understand who I am, because I feel like I can do that through my music but if they can understand through my videos too, thats cool.

Photos by Glenn Espinosa & Alondra Buccio

Photos by Glenn Espinosa & Alondra Buccio

Congrats on the song with Kari Faux by the way, thats so exciting!
Thanks! Ive been a fan of hers since I was in like 10th grade and so I'm sure she's seen me in her notifications since high school like “oh my god I love her so much”. But she eventually got to know who I was through my music and then I met her when i had a show in Chicago last month. She was actually having a show 10 minutes from where I was staying. I was with my friend when she posts it and I'm like “we’re going to this”. After we saw each other we exchanged numbers and eventually we agreed to do the song. I just look up to her so much and I'm excited to have this feature!

Thats another thing I was wondering about, with all this new exposure from the success of Pine and Ginger and now a song with Kari Faux, what are some ways you keep yourself grounded?

Well I have my Finsta, my journal and really good friends and my boyfriend who I'm always with. I mean at times I do feel a bit alienated and I can get really existential but I try not to let that dictate my passion. A lot did happen after Pine and Ginger and I had to take a long hiatus between that and other music but in that I was really just finding myself and figuring out what parts of me I want to be showing now that there is a world to show. Its been a lot to process but it hasn't been awful. I feel like I have my sound now.

On the topic of your sound, I know a lot of people were trying to box u in as a dancehall artist w the release of Pine and Ginger. Knowing that you grew up in a Jamaican household and hold family close, would you say those are influences for your music?

So Ive been making music since I was a freshman in high school, uploading on Soundcloud and playing with Garage Band. And there was a song I did called “IDK Y” and in the song I'm speaking Patois. I put it up when I was a sophomore and everyone was saying Pine and Ginger was my first time doing it but its not [laughs]. And I mean in regards to my family and my music, I don't intentionally bring them together but, my parents are supportive. My dad is a huge fan of my music he's been to almost every show. My mom, she knows I make music and she knows I'm successful in my own little way but she wants me to go to school, you know.

And you were in school at one point, right?


Photos by Glenn Espinosa & Alondra Buccio

Photos by Glenn Espinosa & Alondra Buccio

What inspired that change?

Well, I got accepted to Loyola Marymount University under the condition that I spent a year at Santa Monica Community College and maintained a certain GPA. During my first semester in December, around finals, all of us on Pine and Ginger got invited to perform for the Prime Minister of Jamaica. And that was when I had to ask myself like “am I going to do my finals or am I going to do this really cool thing?” Because I never really wanted to go to college and it was all out of pocket. My mom always throws it into every other conversation like “I wish you'd just take a class” But I'm like, not right now, this requires my full focus; getting the bag [laughs] And eventually when summer came I decided I wasn't going back to school, and that was that.

Other than the track you have coming with Kari, is there any other new music you can plug us on? 

Yes! Back to me loving of astrology, I have 3 EP’s I'm putting out. The first EP is called Venus and Virgo, Im really excited about that one. The next two are other placements on my chart and then all the songs correspond with the placements. Like the songs on Venus and Virgo are all about love and money and stuff. Ive been working on these projects for over a year and so thats what I'm talking about when I say I'm finding my sound and figuring out how I want to present myself with these projects I've been putting all of my energy into. I have so much new music, but, I've found my favorites and hopefully ill be putting them out soon!