Flaunt Premiere | AYLØ "Paris"

by Jalyn Eaton

Reigning from Nigeria, genre fluid singer, rapper, and producer AYLØ is rising to the top of Africa’s alté scene along with peers like Šántí . In his newly released song ‘Paris’, co-produced with alté frontrunners Le Mav and Odunsi The Engine, AYLØ pours his heart out over a synthy and soulful track.

In traditional alté fashion, AYLØ fuses alternative R&B, neo soul, hip hop and afropop to create a new sound of his own. As AYLØ's smooth vocals croon, “When she moves, I'm a fool”, ‘Paris’ is one of those songs you can't help but groove to, and luckily for us, there's more where that came from on his upcoming album "DNT DLT" that will be released on July 30.

What inspired you to make “Paris”? Is it about a real person you know?

It's the subject's favorite city. But the concept of Paris is about accepting imperfections within yourself and within other people. Telling you not to give up on your journey, despite the hardships or how difficult it is to go on… It’s about accepting every circumstance as a puzzle piece within a bigger picture. Acceptance can only come with understanding.

Should we expect more of this same sound from “DNT DLT”?

Sonically no, 'Paris' was the beginning of where the tape started. The tape takes you on that journey of hardships, trials, tribulations, love, appreciation, cleansing, redemption and hope. To me all these emotions- experiences, have a different sound so even though they are part of the wider ideology of acceptance - the sounds come from a different place, even though they have the same starting point.

What’s one thing about the alté movement in Nigeria that you wish the rest of the world knew more about?

The thing about the alte scene is how open-ended it is. As a genre it doesn’t really have a category - there is one common stream we’re all Nigerians there’s this drive of Afro- in the culture. Now artists have more of an influx of music - there's exploratory means through Soundcloud and Spotify - so if an artist finds a connection with country music for example, the ground foundation is still Afro- with an influence, with twangs of what they perceive as country.

AYLØ “Paris”

AYLØ “Paris”

Be sure to keep an eye out for AYLØ’s album "DNT DLT" coming out on July 30.